Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter History

Kappa Alpha Theta truly has a rich history in the city of Boston. Initially established on December 5, 1914, our group celebrated 100 years of history in the Boston area in 2014. The fraternity archives include a copy of our original charter petition, signed by the first charter members of Boston Metro.

More historical images and documents from the Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter, in addition to all college chapters, can be found on the digital archives within the
Fraternity's new Heritage Website.

Over the years, the status of Boston's Alumnae group fluctuated. We existed as an alumnae chapter until the 1960s, when our charter was returned and we became an "alumnae club", most likely due to declining membership. While there were not consistent records kept at this time, we do know that the alumnae club continued to participate in local Boston events and remain relevant in the community.

In 2002, the Fraternity dropped the club designation and all groups became Alumnae Chapters, regardless of their size. Therefore continuing the legacy of the Boston Metro Alumnae here in Massachusetts.

We celebrated our centennial year of history as a group at Founders Day 2014.

Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter Grand Convention Awards
2010 Grand Convention- Twin Star Chapter
2012 Grand Convention- Twin Star Chapter
2014 Grand Convention- Golden Kite Chapter
2020 Grand Convention- Golden Kite Chapter