Dearest Boston Thetas,
We're so happy to have you at the Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter! With 4 active undegraduate chapters in the Boston area, we're certainly a thriving area for our undergraduate population. We're proud to offer a continued excellence of sisterhood for our alumnae members in the Boston area as well. If you are moving to Boston, have recently relocated, coming back home after graduation or have lived here for years, we're happy to have you in our sisterhood, both now and for a lifetime. As leading women, your membership of Kappa Alpha Theta only began as an undergraduate member. We all treasured those four years together, but now appreciate the bonds of sisterhood in a different way, and continue to lead the future of our sisters by culturing our noblest womanhood as alumnae.

As your new alumnae chapter president, I'm honored to serve the chapter and the women of the greater Boston area on such a large scale. It is a priviledge to offer excellent events for you as an opportunity to meet sisters far and wide, from your own chapters and from many others. As we all have learned from our time as active undergraduate members, Theta is for a lifetime. By strengthening our bonds to sisterhood on the alumnae level, we continue to live the legacy of our founders, and pave the way for the women who have the priviledge of joining our sisterhood in the future. Not only are we proud to be Thetas, but we're incredibly proud to be Boston Thetas. Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter has been thriving in the Boston area for over 100 years, and we're proud to be a chapter that continues the excellent tradition of Kappa Alpha Theta's rich history.

We appreciate your support as a member of our local alumnae chapter, and your membership serves as a tangible sign of your commitment to the Leading Women of Kappa Alpha Theta. I invite you to join us as a member of one of the oldest alumnae chapters that our Fraternity hosts. We appreciate your support, your loyalty and your commitment to a lifetime of excellence that membership to Kappa Alpha Theta brings.

                                                                       Emma Roehlke                               
                                                                       Vice President of Events
                                                                       Kappa Alpha Theta
                                                                       Boston Metro Alumnae Chapter
                                                                       Epsilon Pi/Bucknell ~ Initiated 2011
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